Perfect lunch at restaurant RongSi (Bangkok)

Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!

We are in Bangkok again.

To meet up with a bunch of foodie friends from all over the world in restaurant RongSi.

Long story short: we all got to know each other on a food app and when it was taken down, a bunch of us stayed in touch.

For about 6 years now we plan this yearly meet up in a specific city around the world, preferably a city where one or two of our group live.

Local foodies are a great source for local hidden gems.

This year: Bangkok!

We have been to Bangkok before and loved it. No need to ask us twice if we want to join the group in Bangkok this year.

One fine perfectly hot and humid day around noon we all plan to meet each other for lunch at RongSi. It is a restaurant right along the Chao Phraya river.

In fact we are standing right on the opposite side of the river because we saw on the map that there is a boat service to the other side.

Meeting at RongSi

However except around lunchtime.

As we contemplate getting a Grab ride (the local Uber service) a man with a long tail boat agrees to take us to the other side for a couple of bath.

We finally make it to RongSi and are glad that the restaurant is pleasantly cool inside. Our friends are there already, and they have just received menus.

We order a cool beer and discuss what we fancy eating. Way too much on this menu that looks and sounds amazing. Orders are in and we chat as we wait for the food to arrive.

Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!

Miang Kham

The first dish that is being put in the middle of our table is stunning looking floral plate.

This is miang kham, an appetizer of lotus petals that you fill with a little bit of everything on the plate: red chili, shallots, fresh ginger, lime, dried shrimp, peanuts, roasted coconut and a little of that shrimp paste dip. Yep, this is a one biter is what Mark Wiens would say.

What a flavor explosion.

More dishes make it to our table.

The hor mok looks just as good. It is a steamed curried fish custard, similar to Indonesian otak otak and Cambodian amok trey. This fish dish is served in a beautiful kanom krok clay plate.


Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!

Raw chili crab

Here comes the raw crab. And it is bathing in a spicy chili sauce. That raw crab meat is so sweet.

What a treat!

So what’s next? A pad see ew type of noodle bowl with green pepper, shrimp, mussels and squid. Well seasoned, the noodles are thick and silky.


Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!

How about a salad?

This pomelo, chili and dried shrimp salad is sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour all at the same time. Very refreshing.

Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!


And the food keeps on coming out of the RongSi kitchen. A grilled seafood platter of shrimp, squid and mussels and spicy dipping sauces. The seafood is super fresh and perfectly cooked.

A treat.

Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!

Who ordered the fried fish? Because it is again perfectly cooked. The white meat is flavorful, juicy and sweet again. Not sure what type of fish it is but it is lovely. Alongside it comes a salad of banana flower and roasted coconut.


Lunch at RongSi restaurant in Bangkok!


This was a fantastic lunch meal.

RongSi stands for fresh ingredients, beautiful plates and maximum flavor. The service was fast, friendly and attentive. RongSi has a modern industrial loft type of interior and decoration.

We split the check between the eight of us and paid about $35 per person, drinks included. Maybe a bit steep for lunch in Bangkok, but well worth it.


RongSi Rinmaan @Lhong 1919
248, Chiang Mai Road
Khlong San
Bangkok 10600

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