Review: Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand

We booked a room at the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit with executive lounge access. Is it worth it? Let’s have a look!

Last year, we chose the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit to stay in Bangkok.

Actually we booked another hotel first.

But a week before our departure, we received an email from that hotel that the swimming pool would be undergoing maintenance and would stay closed during our visit.

Bearing in mind that this particular swimming pool was the reason why we booked that hotel, we cancelled and started searching for another place to stay.

And that is how we ended up at the Marriott.

We paid for our stay at the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.


We made a video of our stay at the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

You can watch it here:

Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand

This is the fourth time that we visit Bangkok.

Important in choosing a hotel for us is its proximity to the BTS skytrain.

And a good swimming pool.

After reading a bunch of reviews and watching a couple of Youtube videos, we ended up booking a room at the the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit that seemed to check both boxes.

This hotel is located near the Thong Lo BTS station, on the Sukhumvit Line. It is a 3 minute walk from the hotel.

The Sukhumvit Line connects Thong Lo with the beating heart of Bangkok. It takes 6 stops and about 20 minutes to get to Siam.

The neighbourhood around the Marriott Hotel has a lot of restaurants, Thai massage parlours, and other hotels and condominiums.

The nearest 7 Eleven supermarket is right across the street.

Reception and lounge bar area

Our Etihad flight from Brussels and Abu Dhabi lands at Suvarnabhumi Airport around 8am.

Going through immigration is a breeze, there are no queues.

Plenty of time to get our luggage, grab a coffee at the airport, withdraw some cash and purchase a Thai SIM card with G5 data.

That done, we get into a taxi to our Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

The ride takes about 45 minutes and costs us 380 bath plus an airport charge of 50 bath, which is about $13 in total.

As we pull up to the hotel entrance, a hotel employee greets us and takes charge of our luggage. Another employee walks us to the reception to check in.

It is still early but we always hope that our room will be ready.

The kind gentleman behind the reception tells us that in another 30 minutes our room will be available. We decide to wait in the lounge and have coffee in the meantime.

About half an hour later, the receptionist walks over to us to give us our room keys. We pick up our luggage and head over to our room.

Watch our video from 0:38 onwards to see what the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit entrance and reception look like exactly.


Our room 3511 is located on the 35th floor.

We booked an executive room with executive lounge access.

Total cost for 5 nights is 43666 bath, which is $1295 or $259 per night.

The elevator door opens and we step into a carpeted hallway, our room is located right behind the corner.

We place our suitcase on the luggage rack.

Our room looks quite large and very bright at first sight.

Step inside, there is a small hallway with wardrobe, coffee and tea corner, large bedroom with desk and couch to the left and a spacious bathroom area to the right.


The bedroom doesn’t only look quite spacious, it really is.

The kingsize bed is huge and looks very comfortable with fluffy pillows.

The room is nicely decorated with light brown, grey and reddish purple color touches everywhere. The light flowing in from the large window at the end makes this room extra lively and enjoyable.

The wooden floor and rug give this room a warm and cozy feeling.

Next to the bed is a couch and small coffee table.

The desk and desk chair give you a proper work space if you are here on a business trip.

Our window faces the front of the hotel with the BTS skytrain track below and the Chao Praya river in the far back.

Even on the 35th floor you could still hear the light rumble of the BTS trains below, and the faint sound of car horns and the occasional police or ambulance sirens.

Watch our video from 1:28 onwards to see what the room looks like exactly.

Let’s move back to the hallway.

The first wardrobe contains an iron board and iron, that’s it.

No shelves or clothes hangers here, we used this space to store our empty luggage.

Take a few steps down the hallway, on your left is a tea and coffee corner.

On top of this cupboard is an ice bucket, a minibar price list, 2 wine glasses, a bottle opener and 2 complimentary bottles of still water. These bottles will be restocked daily (you can also find more of these free water bottles in the bathroom).

In the cupboard is a water boiler and fridge with minibar that contains beer and soft drinks.

In the top shelf is a selection of free instant coffee, teabags, coffee creamer, sugar, 2 small glasses and 2 coffee cups. Snacks are Pringles, Mentos and crackers: you can find the price on the minibar menu.

As we booked a room with executive lounge access we could get complimentary coffee, tea and drinks in the lounge.

Right across this cupboard is another wardrobe with safe, bathrobes, slippers, shelves and clothes hangers.


The bathroom is very spacious as well and so bright.

The eye catcher here is the round bathtub and shower area.

Light flows in from the large window and lights up the marble floor and walls.

Separating the bathroom and bedroom area is an enormous wooden sliding door.

Provided amenities are a soap bar, 2 dental kits, shower cap, hair band, body lotion, hand wash, vanity kit with cotton buds and cotton balls, and wet wipes.

Also in the bathroom is a scale and a hairdryer.

The bottles of water are complimentary.

Towels were soft and fluffy and changed daily.

The rain shower was great, instant hot or cold water and fantastic water pressure. The bath products were fragrant and enjoyable.

Even though we are not really bath people, we couldn’t help but take a bath in the evening and enjoy the view.

Power sockets

All the power sockets in the room and bathroom are suitable for 2 round pin plugs.

The 2 round pin plug (also called the Europlug) is a flat, two-pole, round-pin domestic AC power plug, rated for voltages up to 250 V and currents up to 2.5 A.

Only one of the two bedside tables has a power socket, which is really unfortunate. Luckily, we have always an extension chord with us!

Executive lounge

Hotel guests can enjoy breakfast at the 57th Street buffet restaurant on ground level behind the reception and lounge bar area.

However if you book an executive room, a complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner will be served in the executive lounge on level 40.

Watch our video from 5:58 onwards to see what the executive lounge and meals here look like.

This lounge is open every day from 6:30am for breakfast. You can enjoy a selection of hot and cold drinks all day long.

Afternoon tea is served from 2:30pm until 4:30.

Buffet style dinner starts at 5:30 until 8:30pm and offers a selection of complimentary cocktails, wine, juices and soft drinks.

All food and selected drinks are complimentary.


Breakfast is served from 6:30am until 10am.

Cold breakfast items are cereal, yogurt, vegetables, cheese, roast coconut, smoked fish and salads.

At the bread counter you will find a selection of bread rolls, croissants, sliced cake, muffins and toast. Marmalades, chocolate spread and peanut butter are also available.

On the hot buffet are boiled eggs, chicken sausages, roast potatoes and mushrooms, miso soup, Japanese rice and a daily changing thai hot dish such as a chicken or prawn stir fry.

At the hot station the breakfast staff will freshly prepare you eggs any style, or a Thai rice noodle salad with the ingredients that you like such as chicken, prawns or squid.

We had everything we needed in the morning, nice selection again of fresh products.

The coffee was excellent, hot and strong.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea at the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit executive lounge starts at 2:30pm until 4:30pm.

Here you can find a selection of hot and cold sweet and savory bites, and fresh fruits.

Every day there was another choice of treats, from savory sandwiches (with crab, cheese, ham or cucumber) to cakes, pies, fruit tarts and scones.

Hot snacks would be fried chicken wontons, spring rolls, chicken wings and steamed dim sum.

Biscuits, nuts, dried fruits and candy is also available.

After a day of visiting sweltering hot Bangkok it was a pleasure to stop by at the executive lounge to enjoy a cold and refreshing drink and a small bite to eat in between meals.


Dinner is served from 17u30pm.

You can find the alcoholic beverage menu below in the pictures.

There is a cold station which consists of a salad bar where you can assemble you own salad.

Next to it are 2 types of salads that change daily: a Thai salad (such as larb chicken, fried sea bass, papaya salad, pickled pineapple salad) and a Western style salad (mediterranean vegetables, feta and watermelon salad, sweet potato salad).

One night there was sushi as well.

On the hot station is a soup (such as tom yum mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, tomato soup, chicken and bitter melon soup), a curry with rice (Thai, Japanese or Indian curry), an Italian pasta dish (mushroom and cream fettuccini, lasagna), and a Thai stir fry (fish, pork and basil).

During our 5 day stay we also saw chicken wings, chicken karaage, onion baji, fried chicken wontons, steamed shumai.

There is also a small dessert buffet (yuzu panna cotta, Paris Brest, cakes) and fresh fruits.

The food here at the executive lounge of the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit was of excellent quality, plenty of choice.

We loved it, definitely worth the extra money you pay for an executive room.

The staff is very helpful and attentive. There would always be someone showing us to a table, bring us our drinks within a couple of minutes and top up our wine glasses.

Bars and restaurants

The Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit has a rooftop bar on the 48th floor.

It opens at 5pm and is accessible for guests and non guests.

Cocktails are 390 baht ($12), wines by the glass between 480 ($14) and 560 baht ($17).

In the hotel are 2 restaurants: Octave right below the rooftop bar, and a steak restaurant called the District Grill Room and bar.

Watch our video from 9:38 onwards to see what restaurant Octave and the rooftop bar look like.

On the ground floor level is a cake and pastry coffee shop called the Chocolate Cake Company, open from 9am until 7pm.


The gym is located on level 7, the same level as the Anne Semonin spa and the swimming pool,

It is accessible 24/7, every day of the week.

Available equipment are cardiovascular equipment, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, free weights, strength equipment, treadmills and weight machines.

Watch our video from 8:26 onwards to see what the gym looks like exactly.

Swimming pool and Azure Pool Lounge and Bar

Right next to the gym is the swimming pool and bar area.

The bar is open every day from 11am until 7pm and serves a variety of refreshing drinks, cocktails and a wide range of meals such as appetizers, salads and pizzas.

Watch our video from 8:36 onwards to see what the swimming pool area and pool bar menu look like.

We went for a swim every single day while staying at the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

The pool is open every day from 6am until 10pm.

There is a beautiful infinity pool and a kids pool.

Towels are available near the pool and at the gym entrance.

The water of the pool is not heated, however it was very enjoyable in the Bangkok heat.

Considering the amount of guests the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit can accommodate, the amount of sun beds was very limited.

What we also didn’t appreciate was the state of the sunbed cushions.

They were all badly stained, some bed frames were bent or looked very worn out.

This area could do with a thorough clean up, and not only the furniture. The floors were sticky and stained, fallen leaves and dead flowers were piled up in some corners and never cleaned up during our stay.


The internet connection at the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit was very fast all over the hotel.

Would we go back to Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit?

Yes, we would definitely come back here.

The location and neighbourhood is great, the room is beautiful and very comfortable, and we really enjoyed the executive lounge.

The staff is very professional and friendly.

Would we recommend Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit?


Room prices are not cheap, we paid $259 per night for our Executive Room with Kingsize Bed and exclusive Lounge access but we think it is worth every penny.

We definitely recommend the Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit.


  • beautiful and spacious room
  • very attentive and friendly staff
  • excellent executive lounge food and drinks
  • great location next to the TBS skytrain


  • untidy swimming pool area which needs a good renovation


Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit
2 Soi Sukhumvit 57
Klongtan Nua
Bangkok 10110

You can book here: Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

We paid for our stay at Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.

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