Review: Club Med Miches All Inclusive Resort, Dominican Republic

Just back from a 10 day stay at Club Med Miches in the Dominican Republic: what do we really think of this holiday resort? Here's our honest review.

Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda

We booked an all inclusive 10 day sunny holiday at Club Med’s 5 star Exclusive Collection Resort.

The weather seems to be excellent in January in the Dominican Republic.

Here is how it went and what we honestly think of this all inclusive resort.

We paid for our stay at Club Med Miches and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.


We made a little video of our stay in Club Med Miches.

You can watch it here:

Bus transfer

After a 10 hour flight we landed at Punta Cana International Airport around 3pm.

We stepped off the plane and got into a bus to bring us to the passport control terminal.

Quite a few planes just landed by the looks of it, the amount of tourists queuing was staggering.

After having our passports checked 40 minutes later, we made our way to the baggage claim area to find that our luggage had already arrived.

Once outside a Club Med representative was waiting for us.

She crossed our names off a list and she then took us to another staff member who attached luggage tags with our room numbers to our suitcases.

He took us to a minibus, loaded our luggage in the back and handed us cooled bottles of water. We waited for another 30 minutes for 4 other Club Med Miches clients to arrive.

The drive to Club Med Miches took about 70 minutes, quite speedy considering that the drive back to the airport was 20 minutes longer. Our driver clearly had to be somewhere else afterwards.

That and the long winding roads made that one of us got carsick and had to get out of the minibus as soon as we got to the resort’s gate.


Once we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by a Club Med GO who sat us down in the reception area. She offered us a cool hand towel and a cold glass of champagne, juice or soft drink.

(A member of the entertainment staff is called a G.O., which stands for ‘gentil organisateur‘ or something like ‘kind staff member‘ in French. The guests staying at a Club Med resort are called G.M., ‘gentil membre‘ or ‘kind member’.)

While we sip our drinks and sit back the GO gives us plenty of information about the resort, the mobile app, the facilities and services.

We are each given Club Med bracelets with a digital tag to open your room door and make purchases in the spa or boutique shop.

The staff member tells us that our room is ready, she takes us to the entrance where a golf shuttle is waiting for us.

We only have to point out which luggage is ours, the driver loads them into the back of the shuttle and drives us to our room.

Room 328

The shuttle takes us to room 328.

It is located in the quiet adults only Emerald Jungle near the zen pool.

We booked a deluxe room with private balcony.

The accommodation in the Emerald Jungle is grouped into buildings of 4 rooms.

Our room is one story up, next to room 329. Room 326 and 327 are on ground floor level.

The driver carries our luggage up the stairs and places them right in front of our door.

Watch our video from 4:58 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how our room and balcony at Club Med Miches look like exactly.


We open the room door with our bracelet at first glance our room looks large, spacious and very quiet.

The double bed is quite large. It consists of twin mattresses covered with a large sheet but the gap is not really a nuisance.

The duvet and pillows are of an excellent quality.

In the room are also a sofa, coffee table, chair, desk, tablet, TV, Santo Domingo coffee machine and Palais des Thés tea corner, kettle, bottled water (for free) and minibar with soft drinks and juice (for free).

On each side of the bed is a USB socket.

All the other sockets in the room are type B, 110-127 V, compatible with type A as well.

In a small hallway are built in spacious wardrobes, one of which contains a large safe that you simply open and close using your Club Med bracelet, and an ironing board iron, fluffy bathrobes and slippers.

The door to the toilet is also located in that same hallway.

The room has airconditioning and a fan that keep it refreshingly cool inside.

The entire room was cleaned well every single day, and that almost always before noon. On days when a lot of people are leaving and arriving, it might be a little later in the afternoon.

Towels are changed daily (if you put them on the floor), bed sheets changed every 2 days, water restocked daily.

With the coffee machine come 8 coffee capsules, those were always replaced as well each time you would drink a cup of coffee. Great!

A tablet is used instead of a phone.

If you need information or help, call the pre saved numbers for the reception, restaurant, doctor’s office or the emergency number that is on standby 24/7.


The bathroom is darker due to the blueish tiles and frosted window.

It contains a vanity with 2 sinks, a bathtub, walkin shower and next to it a large bathtub with hand shower.

Fragrant Cinq Mondes bath and body products are provided.

You can also find bathroom amenities such as cotton pads, sewing kit, manicure set, soap bars and cotton buds near the sinks. In the shower and bath area a shower cap, bath salt and bath sponge.

Underneath the vanity is a hair dryer.

The problem we had with the bathroom is that the walk in shower was not practical at all. It is located just near the bathtub, with no separation.

Taking a shower makes the entire bathroom slippery and wet, bathtub included. The bathroom door had clearly seen better days and was hard to close because of the expanded wood and moisture. Club Med Miches opened only a couple of years ago.

Furthermore, the entire bathroom is very small compared to the very large bedroom, and it feels like it is disproportionate.

Our overall impression is that the design of the room is not well thought out.


Our private balcony contains a half broken and wobbly table with 2 chairs.

It has partial views on the tree top zen oasis palapa where relaxing yoga classes are given.

Emerald Jungle is a quiet area peaceful.

The constant rustling of palm trees in the wind and singing birds is so calming.

Here you can often spot local birds such as the Hispaniolan woodpecker, lizard cuckoo and humming birds. Lizards are everywhere, and at night small frogs will appear on the outside walls as well.


Also present in your room: a mosquito repellent spray.

Are there loads of mosquitos?

We were here in Club Med Miches in January and from time to time we would be attacked by them, especially when sitting outside having pre dinner drinks at the main bar. Some nights you would feel them, other nights we would not see any.

Every evening at 6pm when it starts to go dark the entire Club Med Miches resort is sprayed with mosquito repellent by a staff member driving around in a small van leaving a trail of thick white smoke.

This is repeated in the morning.

We kept our door and windows closed as much as possible and only had one mosquito in our room during our stay.

You can always bring extra electric repellent devices, doors stay wide open when your room is being cleaned so you can never be sure.

Deluxe room services

With our Emerald Jungle deluxe room come a couple of extra free services.

Breakfast Room Service

You can order breakfast in your deluxe room through the Club Med app.

Last time in Club Med Seychelles we did the same but never saw breakfast arrive, due to a technical error in the app. Let’s see if ordering breakfast works here at Club Med Miches.

The choice is quite large: bread, pastries, coffee, tea, juices, fruits, eggs, bacon, hash browns, tomatoes, yogurt, granola, marmalade and such.

We place our order before midnight for the next morning, delivery between 8 and 8:30am.

At 8:45am, thinking we will get just the exact situation as in Club Med Seychelles, we get ready to go to the breakfast buffet restaurant since our order hasn’t turned up. As we open our door, a young lady is about to knock on our door holding a tray with our food.

She puts everything on our (wobbly) balcony table, apologises for the leaky coffee pot, removes the metal cloches that sit on top of our plates and repeats our order. She realises that some things are missing (bacon, tomato and hash browns on one of the plates) and offers to get it for us, which we decline because that would take ages again.

Anyway we sit down and can only conclude that our cooked breakfast is stone cold.

Poached eggs cooked perfectly but ice cold, fried eggs cold, same goes for the bacon and tomato.

The hash browns are not even cooked at all and the grated potato even looks a bit greyish, dry and old.

The ‘vegetables’ are raw and dried out shredded cabbage and sliced mushrooms from a tin. A sorry slice of dry cucumber and orange placed on top of it to make up for everything.

The fruit platter is nice though: freshly sliced pineapple, papaya and strawberries and grapes. It looks fresh and appealing.

We try to tuck into our breakfast but abort that mission quite fast. Let’s get some fresh and hot food from the breakfast buffet restaurant instead.

You might think, why in the world would you expect to get perfectly warm cooked breakfast in a large resort like this? Who knows when those eggs were cooked. You are right, we ordered this to put it to the test because we found it hard to believe.

In Club Med Seychelles the choice of breakfast (that never showed up) was much smaller: bread, cheese, charcuterie, fruits coffee and tea and yogurt.

Nothing cooked or warm, perhaps this is something Club Med Miches should consider as well.


The minibar with non-alcoholic drinks is free and refilled upon request.

It contains Perrier sparkling water, Sprite, Fanta, regular coke, diet coke and 2 fruit juices.

You can put in your request on the Club Med app or ask the reception. The app tells you when your request is completed, however it would take a few days and an extra request before getting a refill.

Turn down service

A turn down service is provided and happens between dinner and bedtime.

Here in Club Med Miches it happened every single night (contrary to Club Med Seychelles).

Your bed is made before going to sleep, towels on each side of the bed with your slippers placed on it, water bottles and a glass on each bedside table.

Towels left on the floor are being replaced again.

Excellent service, the Spanish speaking cleaning ladies are very polite and friendly as well.

Beach towels

The extra services also include beach towels in the room.

Those towels are not provided (anymore). As you check in the GO will tell you that taking beach towels in and out your room is highly advised against. The sand flees in Club Med Miches also love the beach and pool area, you don’t want to bring in those little buggers into your room.


You can have your clothes washed at an extra cost.

Laundromats are also available.

Mobile app

You can download the My Club Med app and log in using your booking reference and family name.

The app gives you access to an overview of the activities, services and facilities in Club Med Miches such as sports, daily program, dress code theme and more information about the resort itself.

It also gives you an overview of each restaurant and bar and its specific opening hours.

You can also request extra room services: have your mini bar restocked, a request for extra towels, water, soap and so on.

A handy tool that seemed to work much better than in Club Med Seychelles.


The wifi reception throughout the Club Med Miches resort and beaches is quite good but not super fast.

You can buy premium wifi if you need a faster connection.

Reception area

The reception area is spacious and airy.

It is a cool and refreshing place as well, underneath that dark thatched roof.

This is where you sit down when you arrive and where a GO will give you all the information you need. Here you can also activate your wristband by linking it to a creditcard.

The staff behind the reception desk speaks both French, English and very often Spanish as well.

Watch our video from 0:44 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the reception area in Club Med Miches looks like.


On the same level right next to the reception is the boutique.

It contains 2 large rooms: a boutique with a large collection of clothing, accessoires, toys, sunscreen etc. and in the room next to it a souvenir shop with local colourful artefacts.

You can pay here with your bracelet, whatever you spend will be charged on your credit card at the end of your stay.


Interested in excursions and other activities?

The excursion staff is happy to tell you all about the available day trips.

The excursion office is a bit further from the boutique, at the foot the stairs to go up to the buffet restaurant.

A boat trip to go see whales, quad rides, electric bike rides, sunset horseback riding, the columpio swing at Moñtana Redonda, a langouste dinner on the water and so much more.

Quite a lot of excursions and activities to chose from, but the prices are extremely high though.

We didn’t do any excursions during our stay in Club Med Miches.


There are 4 pools at Club Med Miches.

The main pool with a family pool attached to it near the reception area, an adults only zen pool in the Emerald Jungle and a separate Perla kids pool for families staying in the family friendly Perla area.

The main pool near the coffee shop and Cayuco bar is the heart of Club Med Miches.

It is where the ambiance is: the daily aqua gym at 11:30am, followed by crazy signs and a little music, pre lunch bites, cocktails, games in the afternoon, dance lessons, beach volley etc.

There are plenty of sun beds, loungers, umbrellas and cozy Bali beds around the olympic pool.

Reserving a bed by putting a beach towel on it is something that happens, however it is always possible to find a free bed at any time of the day here. The beds are very comfortable.

Green beach towels are available near the pool and plentiful.


Watch our video from 1:13 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the Club Med Miches main pool area looks like exactly.

Just a word of warning: watch your step when you walk around the pool and the bar area because it can be very slippery. During our stay quite a few people fell and some turned up later that day in a cast or a sling.

And older French gentleman even needed a wheelchair for the rest of his stay.

As much as the cleaning staff is really trying their best and busy cleaning and mopping the floors and outdoor areas all day long, it happened often.

An outdoor shower is in the back of the pool area near the family pool.

Once breakfast is over, the Cayuco bar staff will make sure that you are never thirsty all day long, again excellent drink service with a smile, special thanks to bubbly Elcie!

Cayuco Bar

Near the main pool is the main Cayuco bar.

The bar itself is outdoors, surrounded by plenty of chairs, tables and couches.

Around noon a small table is set up here with a couple of appetizers and snacks such as samosas, nachos, guacamole, olives, cucumber and smoked salmon canapes etc.

You can order just about anything you want, except for premium wines and spirits. Champagne is free as of 6pm and was very good.

The Club Med Miches bar staff is fantastic.

Fast service, very friendly, always happy to talk. Shoutout for excellent barman Iskender who makes the best Bloody Mary.

You can go up to the bar and order your own drinks. Waiters also walk around from table to table to collect empty glasses and will bring you another drink if you like.

The Cayuco bar is where the pre dinner drinks happen and the entertainment. Live music starts at 7pm, and the cover bands are really good. Every night there’s a different setup and theme as well.

Great way to start your evening here! Bring mosquito repellent, some nights are just fine but other nights the mosquitos would be quite active.

Right before the evening entertainment starts, a station is set up with the cocktail of the day.

Another isle next to it has appetizers and small savory bites that opens from 7pm onwards: cheese, loempias, samosas, guacamole, nachos, vegetable sticks in honey, quiche squares and a couple of bread canapés topped with cream cheese and olive tapenade.

Some evenings there were chicken and beef satay skewers grilled on the spot.

The appetizers were very repetitive and not really great. Room to improvement here.

The cocktail of the day was good though, creative and generous with good ingredients and made on the spot by a GO.

Coffee shop

If you feel a bit peckish in between meals, the coffee shop near the swimming pool and Cayuco bar is the place where you can find a quick bite all day long, from 7am until 6pm.

Here you can get Danish pastries and delicious donuts, excellent coffee and tea, savory ham and cheese sandwiches and soft ice.

We really liked the coffee shop, it’s a nice place to sit in the shade in the morning and have a cup of coffee with a little sweet snack and watch the staff get the swimming pool area ready before everyone arrives.

The coffee shop staff is great as well: they are quick to come and take your order, remove empty cups and clean tables. You can also go in and order inside.

Takeaway coffee is also possible, you will get your drink in a cardboard cup instead of a mug.

Main restaurant

One level up is the buffet restaurant called Cayuco.

The buffet hall is very large and airy, you never had the feeling that there were too many people inside. All around the buffet hall are several dining areas, inside and outside.

What we really liked is the adults only dining area where you can sit inside and outside as well. Make sure to let the staff member who accompanies you to a table know if you want to sit in a quiet area.

One adults only balcony directly faces the Cayuco bar area below where music is played during dinner and that might be quite noisy if you want to have a decent conversation.

There is also an indoor and outdoor family section on the other side of the buffet hall especially for families with babies and small children.

The Cayuco buffet is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


What you can find at the breakfast stations.

Fruits, smoothies, all kinds of breads and pastries, yogurts, granola, eggs made to order, pancakes, waffles, French toast, bagels, toast, baked beans, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausages, etc and cheese, cold cuts, jams, smoked salmon, cream cheese and so on.

Classic continental breakfast staples.

And a Dominican breakfast that is served warm: a plate of fried cheese and sausage served over boiled and mashed plantains called mangu – and we loved it.

Definitely something you want to try out.

Watch our video from 9:34 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the Club Med Miches breakfast looks like.


For lunch the stations provide a salad bar, cold starters such as ceviche or tartare, soups, breads, cheese and cold cuts, main dishes with chicken, pork, beef or fish, fried rice, burgers, fries, pizza and pasta. A couple of desserts are also available: fruits, ice cream, cakes and pies.

And usually another Dominican specialty, again worth checking out. The chicken and eggplant stew with moro rice is excellent.


For dinner you can expect a similar setup like the one for lunch, but with different types of meat.

Salad bar, cold starters (such as fish tartare, tataki, octopus, gazpacho and carpaccio), a large choice of cheeses, breads, sushi, an Asian stew, soups, burgers, pizza, pasta, several fish fillets fresh from the grill.

And again lovely meats such as lamb chops, beef picanha, roast chicken, rabbit, duck, quail, foie gras, scallops, pork loin, ribs, beef wellington, tacos, risotto, gnocchi, beef bourguignon, fries, roast potatoes, mash and so on.

Watch our video from 12:25 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how a Club Med Miches dinner buffet looks like.

On certain evenings (like the white night on Thursday’s) there’s a special: cheese fondue, mussels and crab.

We post just a couple of pictures of the food here.

However there was way more to eat and to chose from.


The house wines are quite good, above average compared to the usual level provided by Club Med.

You can order better bottles of wine at an extra charge.

For the first time in our 50 years-long history of visiting the Club Med, the bottles of house wine were not left on the table. The waiters and waitresses would come over and refill your glass, same for the water and sparkling water.

All in all not a huge problem, as long as the waiting staff is present. The bottles are kept on a separate table, quite a few people would get up and help themselves to more wine when the staff wasn’t nowhere to be seen at times.

Not sure why the wine service here in Club Med Miches works like that.

To cut costs? Perhaps too many opened bottles have to be thrown away at the en of a dinner service? It definitely gives the waiting staff way more work to tend to every table all the time to pour extra wine.


The dessert dinner station is great.

You can find an array of pastries and classic patisserie such as Paris-Brest, eclairs and profiteroles, ice cream, macarons, cakes, tarte tatin, lemon meringue, almond coconut pie…

On Thursday evening (the traditional Club Med white night or soirée blanche, which is the highlight happening of the week) there is a chocolate fountain as well.

The dessert station is the only one that seems to be consistent in quality for every single Club Med we have been to.

Club Med’s pastry chefs are always amazing, and that was no different here in Club Med Miches.


Watch our video from 14:41 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the dessert here in Club Med Miches look like.

Our thoughts

Club Med is well known for serving excellent food.

Were we satisfied with the quality and choice of the food here Club Med Miches?

We would say yes, it was definitely far better than the food we had at Club Med Seychelles.

Good, but it wasn’t perfect.

The food let us down a few times, there were a couple of hiccups where we would leave the food practically untouched and go get something else from the buffet.

But what was really the major problem here at the Cayuco buffet is the temperature of the food.

Each station would prepare a couple of plates in advance to make it easier for you to pick up a plate and reduce waiting times. However the hot surfaces to keep your plate and food warm were not hot enough. Often food would be stone cold, and that happened a lot.

Even at the very beginning of a lunch or dinner service, ‘freshly’ cooked fries and pizza were served cold. The equipment to keep food warm clearly didn’t work or not good enough.

We mentioned it several times to supervising sous-chef Julius Cesar who would listen attentively and agree that that was not right. However we never saw any improvement in those 10 days we were there.

Cold food is also a complaint we heard from quite a lot of other customers by the way.

Restaurant staff

And what about the waiting staff?

Breakfast service was again a hit and miss, and very often a bit of a pain to get the drinks you want.

Some mornings everything would go smoothly, other days you would have to ask several times for coffee or a refill. So we would often just sit down for a bite to eat from the buffet and afterwards go to the coffee shop downstairs for a cup of coffee where the service is fast and the coffee is way better.

Lunch was a bit better when it comes to staff, more attentive and less hiccups.

At dinner time we would always sit at the same table in a quiet corner of the adults only balcony area. Which means that the waiters are mainly the same every evening.

We started our holiday helped by a waitress called Carmen and she was great and very attentive and friendly. After a couple of days she was replaced by a giggly shy young man called Aldo who was absolutely amazing. He was swift and efficient, clearing our empty plates fast, stop by for plenty of refills. Always with a large smile and eager to learn a couple of new French words even though we could have easily spoken English with him. An angel!

After the horrendous restaurant service at Club Med Seychelles, we were happy to see that here in Club Med Miches the service was way better.

Not perfect but apart from a few unpleasant moments quite good.

Restaurant manager Birkan was always present (he has a day off on Wednesdays) during service whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Unfortunately we started off on the wrong foot with him when we realised that everyone had reserved a table (something that is normally never done in a buffet restaurant in any Club Med, apparently things have changed a lot) and our party of 4 was only able to sit in a dark corner at a table for 2, the only one that was still available.

After that, Birkan offered to reserve the same table for 4 on the quiet adults only balcony for us for the remainder of or stay. He is all over the place, checkin in on every single table several times during dinner to see if everything is alright, always in for a quick chat. Excellent manager!

Coal and Copper steakhouse

Next to the main restaurant is the steakhouse.

It is open every evening for dinner except on Saturdays and Thursdays.

Reservation is necessary.

The steakhouse is not included, the food here comes at an extra cost.

On the menu: age-dried meats, ribeye, caviar and langouste lobster.

We read on Tripadvisor that the food here is absolutely amazing, but expensive.

We decided not to go and stick to the dinner buffet next door.

Adults only zen pool

A minute walk from our room in the Emerald Jungle is the adults only zen pool.

If you are looking for a quiet space to relax, swim and read under the sun then this is the place for you.

The green pool is perfect for a quick dip to cool off.

In between the palm tree oasis are several sun beds and umbrellas, not a lot so it is sometimes hard to find a place to lay down.

The zen pool is a fantastic place to spend a day though if you want a break from the families and music around the main pool.

Under the thatched roof is a bar, a comfy sitting area in the shade and a separate toilet area for men and women. Green beach towels are available and plentiful.

The pool bar opens at 10am after the staff is done cleaning the swallow droppings in and around the pool and bar. The thatched roof attracts a bunch of these birds that fly over the zen pool all day long.

Here you can get any drink you want, or go for the detox drink of the day. We loved the iced coffee that barman Felix made with a great smile, excellent and refreshing.

Small sandwich and vegetable appetizers are also available from 10:30am until noon.

Great cleaning, pool and bar staff.

This zen pool is a great place to spend your day.

Watch our video from 3:56 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the Club Med Miches zen pool looks like.

Coco Plum beach lounge & a la carte restaurant

In for a late breakfast?

Then the Club Med Miches Coco Plum beach lounge is the place to go to.

All food and drinks are included here.

It is open for breakfast from 10:30am until 11:30am.

Lunch starts at 12:30pm until 15pm.

Late lunch from 15pm until 17:30pm.

Dinner from 18:30pm onwards, reservation needed.

Late dinner from 22pm until midnight.

The beach lounge restaurant is located along the beach away from the main pool area. It is a spacious and lovely cool place to take a break from sunbathing.

Restaurant manager Ugur runs things here very well.

He or a staff member will guide you to a free table once you step inside.

The waiting staff was overall good and attentive, a few waiters were new here we think, and there was sometimes a kind of lost in translation moment while ordering food.

However all our orders were correct once they got to our table, and quite fast as well. The kitchen staff is clearly well trained by head chef Fouad.

Late breakfast, lunch, late lunch and dinner is a la carte.

Watch our video from 2:10 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the Coco Plum beach lounge looks like.


On the a la carte breakfast menu: avocado toast, crepes with banana and Nutella, acai yogurt bowl, eggs any style, omelet with vegetables ham and cheese, egg white omelet with tomatoes, and side dishes such as bacon, hash browns, sausages, sautéed mushrooms and fried cheese.

In the restaurant near the kitchen is a separate buffet area where you can go pick up extra breakfast treats such as fruits, cereal, cheese, breads and pastries.

The staff will take your order for drinks, the coffee here is nicely hot and strong.

Everything we had here for breakfast was tasty.

The egg white omelette looks a bit wonky but it is nice and light. Underneath that white cloud are roasted cherry tomatoes, even better with a couple of drops of tabasco.

We would often skip the breakfast buffet at the main restaurant, have a cup of coffee and pastry at the coffee shop and come here to the Coco Plum for a hot breakfast.

A nice way to start the day.


On the a la carte breakfast menu.

Burger and fries, fish soup, fish tacos and grilled steak, chicken and sea bream.

And again you can pick up extras from the small buffet near the kitchen: salads, cheeses, cold cuts, breads, ice cream and desserts.

Again the food we ordered was delicious.

We loved the grilled sea bream: half a sea bream served with coconut rice, a delicious slice of avocado and a tomato coconut sauce. Excellent and super fresh and tasty. Need more? You can order as many as you like.

The fish tacos are crisp and hot and the excellent choice if you are not very hungry.

The fish soup was a let down, it seemed like our bowl of soup was the last portion of that day. No fish, no prawns and chewy overcooked mussels and squid. It smells heavenly though, well seasoned and strong but not really appetising.

We were not lucky perhaps that day, but we didn’t order it again.

The burger and steaks are great, and cooked to order. Excellent (industrial) fries as well, and piping hot this time!

And don’t forget the daily special!

Every day (except on Wednesday, then lunch here is a beach bbq for everyone) head chef Fouad prepares a special, and it was always amazing. His lamb, chicken and beef tagine, and vegetable couscous were a real treat. Also on the special’s menu: grilled red snapper, delicious!

Late lunch

The late lunch menu is short but sweet.

You can order the burger again, a Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp, the fish tacos and crepes with banana or Nutella.


The Club Med Miches Coco Plum beach lounge restaurant is open for dinner.

It is only closed for dinner on Thursdays when it is the traditional Club Med White Night or soirée blanche.

Reservation is mandatory, you can book your table at the reception or ask restaurant manager Ugur.

The place is always fully booked, it might take a day or two before you can get a table.

Starters: pumpkin and coconut soup, shrimp aguachile, white tuna tiradito, grilled avocado and a Caribbean salad.

Main courses: grilled fish and seafood platter, filet mignon, snapper, seafood spaghetti, whole fried fish and grilled whole beetroot.

Desserts: cheese board, fruit platter, chocolate cake and custard and coconut ginger crème brûlée.

We booked a table here one night.

Our orders: shrimp aguachile, white tuna tiradito, the fried fish and crème brûlée.

It was OK but didn’t blow us away.

Both starters were underwhelming and a bit bland. Still not sure what the popcorn was doing on the side salad. The fried fish was delicious though.

The crème brûlée was a letdown again, it more resembled an artificially flavoured vanilla pudding with too much gelatine in it.

So we decided to stick to the dinner buffet for the rest our stay here at Club Med Miches.

Late dinner

Feeling a bit hungry late at night?

You can still grab a bite to eat here.

On the menu: burger and fries, a Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp, the fish tacos and crepes with banana or Nutella.

Barbecue time!

So 3 times a week the staff sets up a huge barbecue and a fresh coconut stand.

Once on the beach for a pre lunch snack around noon on Mondays, the same on Thursdays but then near the pool.

And on Wednesdays at the Club Med Miches Coco Plum beach lounge restaurant for lunch. That day the lunch menu is not available. The barbecues are set up on the lawn. Once the food is ready, take a plate and wait in line to pick whatever you like.

On the menu: roast vegetables, potatoes, octopus, mussels, langoustines, picanha beef, chicken, bone marrow, short ribs, pork ribs, several cuts of meat, hamburgers and such.

What a feast!

Practically everything we tried from the bbq was delicious, that picanha and octopus are absolutely to die for. The mussels and langoustines were quite dry though, we wouldn’t recommend them.

We loved these barbecue moments, it brings back the somewhat forgotten Club Med vibe of good food and a perfect holiday feeling.

Kudos to the bbq staff for organising these moments smoothly under the blistering hot sun.

Watch our video from 8:04 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the barbecue moment here at Club Med Miches look like!

Theatre and shows

We went to see a few shows after dinner.

And they were all very good.

We loved the Freddy Mercury tribute band, they were absolutely amazing!

And the dance show at the pool on Thursday, again very good.

All the shows happened outside.

There is a theatre though, behind the Cayuco bar. However because of the pandemic we guess, and the excellent weather in the evenings, all shows were held outside.

Great atmosphere while doing the traditional crazy signs dance, and good dance music as well. You will love it if you are looking for a nice evening, a couple of after dinner drinks and a chance to freshen up your dance moves.

On Thursday evenings there’s also fireworks right after dinner!

Watch our video from 15:50 onwards to get a more detailed idea of how the evening animation and atmosphere in Club Med Miches is like.

Water sports club

The Club Med Miches watersports club is op from 10am until noon and from 2pm until 5pm and is located on the beach in between the main pool area and the Coco Plum beach lounge restaurant.

All activities here are free.

You can go kayaking, paddle boarding (on your own or with the family on a large board) or try out a sea bicycle.

The staff here is very attentive and careful.

No need to reserve a place, just walk in. The staff will write down your name and room number, give you a fitting lifejacket and help you on your way into the sea.

Shuttle service

It is very easy to reach everything on foot in Club Med Miches.

No steep hills or up and down roads, it is flat here.

If you still feel like you need a ride, there is a shuttle service at the entrance of the reception area.

We never had to wait a long time for a shuttle to arrive, most times shuttles were immediately available and drivers really would be happy to take you anywhere.

All over Club Med Miches are small shuttle stops with a button to push in case you need a ride.

Very friendly drivers, always taking you somewhere with a smile.

GMs – clients

We were in Club Med Miches in the second half of January after the Christmas holidays.

Roughly half of the holiday makers here were French, the other half American or Canadian.

Other languages we picked up here and there but very little: Spanish, Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese.

The majority of customers are couples and families with small children.

Agewise, kids were between 0 and 15 years old.

Adults were aged between 30 and 70 years old.


Other included facilities, activities and games are also available here at Club Med Miches:

  • fitness, gym and yoga
  • tennis club and pickle ball
  • archery
  • pétanque (boules game)
  • flying trapeze with circus activities
  • baby club, petit club, mini club and passworld club for kids between 2 and 17 years
  • water play park for children
  • digital climbing wall
  • meeting rooms
  • medical centre and ambulance service

Other facilities and activities at an extra cost at Club Med Miches:

  • wellness and spa
  • hair and nail salon
  • horseback riding
  • kite surfing (in the summer)
  • electric bikes
  • scuba diving
  • segway ride
  • buggy nature adventure
  • helicopter tour
  • private boat tour
  • lobster sailing cruise

Leaving Club Med Miches

Check out is usually at 11am after you have settled your bill and closed your account at the reception.

If necessary, you can also ask the reception if you can get an extra hour to check out at no extra cost.

As we were leaving at 12:30pm, we still had a nice morning to spend. And so we were covered in sunscreen, sweat and sand.

There are changing rooms here at Club Med Seychelles that you can use.

The changing rooms are located near the reception area. There is a separate one for both men and women. In it you will find lockers (to put your fresh clothes in that you want to wear on the plane), 4 shower rooms, fresh bath towels, shower gel, and a hair dryer. Toilets are right next door.

You have to bring all the rest.

As we still had our room until 12pm, we didn’t need to use the changing rooms.

However we went to check them out twice: once it was clean and all looked fine, another time there was a foul smell and the floors were nasty, used towels everywhere and no fresh ones available. Also the lockers were practically all broken.

Something to take care of and pay more attention to.

Would we go back to Club Med Miches?

Yes we would.

Club Med Miches is well managed.

The food was mostly good, but with hits and misses, and there is still room for improvement.

We had a relaxing holiday at Club Med Miches and wouldn’t mind going back.

Would we recommend Club Med Miches?

Ye, for all the reasons we just mentioned.

It wasn’t perfect, but we still had a great holiday here at Club Med Miches.


  • nice location, far away of everything
  • beautiful palm tree lined beach
  • lovely warm sea
  • spacious room
  • excellent daily housekeeping and turndown service
  • shuttle service
  • quiet adults only zen pool
  • great Cayuco bar staff
  • excellent barbecues
  • delicious dessert buffet and patisserie
  • excellent lunch specials at Coco Plum


  • long 90 minute drive away from the airport
  • impractical bathroom and shower in our room
  • cold food at the buffet
  • disappointing room service breakfast
  • somewhat crowded pool and beach area
  • quite poor condition of the beach at the club itself (much better in the surroundings)
  • lack of water activities as sailing, snorkeling, scuba, waterskiing and windsurfing.

And you?

Have you been to Club Med Miches?

What are your thoughts about our review?

Do you want to go but you still have a couple of questions?

Perhaps we can answer them!

Leave us a comment in the comment box below and we will get back to you asap!


Club Med Miches
Miches 24000
Dominican Republic

You can book here: Club Med Miches

We paid for our stay at Club Med Miches and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.

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Thank you for this detailed review. I really liked your video. I’m going to Miches with my family (two young kids) this month. Did you have any trouble with getting sick from the food? Do I need to avoid uncooked vegetables, salad, unpeeled fruit etc.?

Anna Izzi
Anna Izzi

Hi I’m booked for Miches in September,I’m in the Caribbean paradise section am I allowed to go to the adults section?

Alexis Gillespie
Alexis Gillespie

Hello, I’ve been to Club Med only a few times in the Bahamas. But many years ago. I’m forgetting about the “white nights” – does everyone participate? Not sure I have a white outfit! Thanks for the informative review. Alexis

Bill Sheppard
Bill Sheppard

Thank you for this excellent review. We will be going the first week of January. We have been to Club Med Ixtapa many times, I’m looking forward to a newer, hopefully more deluxe experience. Do you happen to know how much the premium internet costs?


Thanks for the description of both (Miches and Seychelles). The central part of going to ClubMed is missing: the beach, snorkeling, sports facilities, and the overall environment…and being among the diverse ClubMed public. It appears that you do not fit in ClubMed…..In other words, ClubMed is not for you…Also, you miss the price for what you get. I feel Seyshells is overpriced and over ranked, food diversity and quality mediocre…and I have reservations about the beach and ocean. Miches and Punta Cana look great!!!


Thanks for this exhaustive review. It sounds like they have some major problems to work out, even though it looks quite lovely otherwise (except the poor condition of the beach). The biggest turnoff is the lack of sailing, snorkeling, scuba, etc. – which is what many CM fans look forward to. Think I’ll stick to Punta Cana location.

Christopher Rall
Christopher Rall

Thank you for a very thorough review

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