Best ways to pack a suitcase thoughtfully

Pack A Suitcase

Packing a suitcase efficiently is more than just a mundane pre-travel chore.

It is a skill that can significantly impact your journey. Whether you are embarking on a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, thoughtful packing ensures a smoother experience.

Why is it crucial to pack a suitcase well and considerately?

It minimizes stress. When you meticulously organize your belongings, you avoid frantic searches for essentials at the last minute.

Second, it saves space. By selecting versatile clothing items and cohesive color palettes, you optimize your suitcase’s capacity.

Third, it lightens your load. Thoughtful packing means fewer unnecessary items, reducing the strain on your shoulders and making travel more enjoyable. So, before zipping up that bag, remember: a suitcase well is the foundation of a successful trip.

There are quite a few tricks and techniques to pack a suitcase as efficiently as possible.

Especially during air travel, it is handy if your luggage isn’t too heavy, and you don’t have to pay extra for additional weight.

Pack a suitcase

Preparation is king

Check the weather forecast!

No need to take half of your wardrobe with you.

Shoes are items that take most of the space in a suitcase, because you just can’t fold or roll them up. Consider what you really need.

If you do take shoes with you, they are the perfect space to store fragile items, and clean socks in. Another way to save space!

Hand luggage to the rescue

Luggage gets lost (or even stolen) during air travel or other journeys.

Here’s the good news!

To avoid immediate problems in such situations, you can prepare while you pack a suitcase.

If you are traveling with your partner or a friend, divide your clothing between both suitcases. That way, if one suitcase is lost, you both still have something to wear. The same approach can be applied to toiletries such as contact lenses, tooth brushes and paste, and important medication.

When you pack a suitcase, make a smart division between your checked baggage and hand luggage during air travel.

Efficient packing

There are various techniques to pack a suitcase as efficiently as possible.

Tuck fragile items into a pair of socks or between sweaters. It is also best to avoid empty spaces in your suitcase. Fill them up with small items whenever you can. Surprisingly, you can fit quite a lot in spare shoes too. Additionally, folding bras into each other can save some extra space.

With a little practice and the right technique, you can save space while you pack a suitcase by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Video platforms like YouTube are full of helpful videos. Search for ‘army roll method’ or ‘clothing rolling’ sometime!

Also popular are ‘packing cubes.’ Separate bags in various sizes that you can close with a zipper. You can use them to travel more organized, and they might also save space. We love Muji’s packing cubes for traveling!

Taking it a step further are the vacuum-sealed packing bags.

And we love them!

In terms of saving space, this is one of the most efficient methods. You can remove the air from the bags using the vacuum seal. They don’t only save space, it also keeps your clothes and belongings nicely organised.

These plastic vacuum bags are also handy if you have wet clothes to store.

Using A Travel Agent

Saving space and weight on the airplane

Before leaving for the airport, it is a good idea to pack a suitcase and weigh it at home.

This way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised at the checkin counter. Use a special luggage scale or a bathroom scale even.

Wear heavy clothing items, such as hiking boots, jackets or sweaters the day you travel by plane. That way they won’t take up space or add extra weight to your travel suitcase.

Neck pillows can simply go around your neck on the plane. You won’t need to weigh it at the check-in counter.

If you enjoy reading books, consider using an e-reader. You can load hundreds of digital books onto it, and the device weighs only a fraction of a physical book. You don’t even have to buy the e-reader; many libraries also lend them.

Before your trip, check what toiletries and amenities are present in your hotel room or holiday home. Any towels, hair dryers, shower gels, shampoos and other personal care items that you don’t need to bring will save space and weight.

How to pack medication

We recommend to take your medication in your hand luggage (carry-on bag) when traveling by plane.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Keeping your medication in your carry-on bag ensures that you have immediate access to it during the flight. If you need to take a dose or if there is an emergency, you won’t have to wait until you retrieve your checked baggage.
  2. Medication in your carry-on bag is screened more efficiently during security checks. You can easily show it to the security officers if needed. Individual states may have specific laws regarding the labelling of prescription medication, so be aware of any local requirements.
  3. Checked baggage can sometimes get lost or delayed. If your medication is in your carry-on, you won’t have to worry about it being separated from you.
  4. The temperature in the cargo hold of the plane can be extreme. Some medications are sensitive to temperature changes, so having them with you in the cabin ensures better temperature control.

Follow the guidelines for carrying medication, such as declaring any liquid medication that exceeds the 3.4-ounce limit and requesting a visual inspection if you prefer not to have your medication X-rayed.

In summary, meticulous packing isn’t merely a practicality; it is a gateway to smoother travels.

By thoughtfully organizing your belongings, you alleviate stress, optimize space and lighten your load. So, as you zip up that suitcase, remember: pack a suitcase well sets the tone for a successful journey.

Your turn now.

What other tips and tricks do you use to pack a suitcase as considerately as possible?

Safe travels!

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