Last minute travel deals: 12 benefits and drawbacks to consider before booking

Last Minute Travel Deals

Who doesn’t love good last minute travel deals.

Just the thought of coming home after a busy work week.

Check the travel deals with just a couple of clicks. Book a cheap all inclusive last minute offer on a tropical island and sipping a pina colada on a white sandy beach 48 hours later with not a care in the world.

That is the dream for many.

But often the small print and hidden catches can come back to haunt you.

Not everyone looks for last minute deals.

Some people like to book in advance to be certain of the date and time, location, weather, good accommodation and less surprises.

There are a couple of great benefits you can enjoy when it comes to last minute travel deals. However there are also disadvantages that you certainly have to be aware of before you book on a whim.

Who doesn’t love good last minute travel deals, how adventurous! But be careful, often the small print and hidden catches come back to haunt you.

Are last minute holidays really cheaper?

It is possible that last minute holidays can be cheaper, but it is not guaranteed.

Sometimes, last minute travel deals can be found because the airline, hotel, or travel company is trying to fill seats or rooms that would otherwise go unsold. In these cases, they may offer discounts to encourage people to book.

However, it is also possible that last minute travel may be more expensive, especially if it is during a peak travel season or if there is high demand for travel to a particular destination.

It is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices from different sources before booking a trip, whether it is a last minute trip or a trip that is planned in advance.

Benefits of last minute travel deals

The main reason why people look for last minute travel deals is to save money. Last minute travel deals can be quite cheaper. You never know that you can find a good bargain!

If you have friends, family or relatives living abroad where you can stay, you might get a possibility to go visit them for two times nothing.

Letting last minute travel deals decide where you are going, some travelers love the excitement of that. And it is indeed adventurous to say the least. Not knowing if you will end up in Paris for a couple of days or sipping a cold beer on a beach in Mexico.

Keeping an open mind about your destination might be the ultimate chance to discover a great country, area or hotel chain somewhere you never thought of visiting or booking before.

Last minute travel deals can force you to take a break if planning your holidays months in advance isn’t an option for you. Even if it is just for a weekend or a midweek, it allows you to recharge yourself.

Leaving on a last minute holiday saves time because it gives your little time to plan, organise and get background information on your destination. Which some travelers might prefer instead of booking in advance and meticulously plan their trip for days.

Who doesn’t love good last minute travel deals, how adventurous! But be careful, often the small print and hidden catches come back to haunt you.

Are there also negative sides to last minute travel deals?

If you are only interested in last minute travel deals, it can result in not traveling at all. The deal you are waiting for might never come.

You have to be very flexible with dates and that might be a problem if you are not able to take time off at work right away. Some employers want their staff to plan holidays and breaks way in advance.

You might not like the hotel or country you finally end up in at all once you booked a last minute holiday. Research the hotel and location before you book to see what people think of it. Better spend a more expensive holiday in a place and hotel that you enjoy than a cheap stay somewhere and counting down the days until you can go back home again.

Check whether the climate is favorable, especially for long haul flights to another continent. Prices are very low if temperatures are too high, during rain season or during hurricane season.

Last minute flights quite often leave very early in the morning or late in the evening. Check before you book to avoid having to paying an extra night in a hotel or sleep at the airport if your budget is running out.

You might come across great last minute travel deals for flights, but end up finding no suitable accommodation in the area. Why spend your money on a cheap flight if you are forced to stay in an expensive hotel you never would have booked. Or stay in an affordable hotel miles away from where you actually want to be and spend half of your time traveling by public transport.

travel on a budget

How to stay informed about last minute travel deals

There are several ways you can find last minute travel deals:

  1. Search online travel websites: These sites often offer discounts on last minute flights, hotels, and vacation packages.
  2. Check with the airline or hotel directly: They may have last minute discounts available, especially if they have unsold seats or rooms.
  3. Use a travel app: These apps can help you find last minute deals on flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements.
  4. Sign up for alerts: Many travel companies and websites offer alerts for last minute deals. You can sign up to receive notifications when these deals become available.
  5. Be flexible: If you are open to traveling to a variety of destinations and dates, you may be able to find better last minute deals.
  6. Negotiate: If you see a deal that you like but want to negotiate a better price, don’t be afraid to reach out to the airline, hotel, or travel agent and see if they are willing to offer a better rate.
  7. Consider alternate airports: Sometimes, flying into or out of an alternate airport can save you money on last minute travel.

Do you know that you can often find last minute hotel offers on if you look for a place to stay the very same day?

You can save up to 75% on room rates if you find a lucky deal!

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