Review: 4 star superior hotel Seespitz Seefeld in Tirol, Austria

Looking for a relaxing holiday in a modern style hotel with wellness, pool, friendly staff and excellent food? 4 star hotel Seespitz Seefeld is what you need!

How we love Seefeld!

We had been to Seefeld, Austria before and always wanted to go back again for its laid back and calm atmosphere and gorgeous mountain views.

So last year we decided to just book the best looking hotel over there.

One with an outdoor pool, relaxing wellness centre, modern rooms, fantastic reviews and excellent cuisine.

And 4 star superior hotel Seespitz Seefeld seemed to tick all those boxes.

We paid for our stay at Seespitz Seefeld and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.

Looking for a relaxing holiday in a modern style hotel with wellness, pool, friendly staff and excellent food? 4 star hotel Seespitz Seefeld is what you need!


We made a video of our stay at hotel Seespitz Seefeld.

You can watch it here:


Seefeld in Tirol is located about 22 kilometres from Innsbruck airport in Austria, a 25 minute drive all in all.

Seefeld is a small town in the middle of the snowy mountains in the Zugspitze area.

And it is just perfect for hikes, bike rides and playing golf.

Hotel Seespitz Seefeld provides a shuttle from and to the airport.

We arrived by car after a 3 day ride and a well deserved stop in Stuttgart and Munich overnight.

Hotel Seespitz Seefeld is located near the Wildsee lake.

Opposite is a Shell gas station and Billa supermarket.

Next to the hotel is a minigolf course for kids.

A bit further down the road is the 9-hole Seefeld Reith golf club.

Looking for a relaxing holiday in a modern style hotel with wellness, pool, friendly staff and excellent food? 4 star hotel Seespitz Seefeld is what you need!


Hotel Seespitz Seefeld has an underground parking and outside parking lot.

The underground parking fee is 15 euros per night.

The outside parking lot on the right hand side of the hotel is free, one car per room. When you check in you will receive a parking card with your room number on it you have to place on your dashboard.


Checkin starts at 2pm.

We arrived around that time at Seespitz Seefeld and were welcomed by receptionist Daniel.

He sat us down in the lounge where we were offered a welcome drink.

Daniel gave us plenty of clear information about the hotel, restaurant, wellness facilities, the surrounding area, covid regulations etc. He took his time to answer all of our questions.

A warm welcome, we like that!

Bar and lounge

Right next to the reception is a cozy lounge and bar area with a fireplace in the middle.

It is the perfect warm and comfortable place to enjoy a drink in the evening before having dinner, or after dinner before going to bed.

On the side is the lunch sitting area where you can enjoy an afternoon snack or meal if it is too cold to sit outside.


We booked a junior suite with balcony and half board.

The entire Seespitz Seefeld hotel was renovated and expanded in 2019, the hotel was fully reopened in June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic.

Hotel Seespitz Seefeld still looks and feels brand new and perfectly well maintained.

The hotel is tastefully decorated and stylish, with good quality furniture.


We stayed in room 202 on the second floor.

The room is very spacious.

As you close the door behind you, there is a hallway with 2 doors on your left: one to the separate toilet and another one to the bathroom.

On your left is space to put your luggage and hang coats, a large cupboard and plenty of space to put your clothes and stuff.

The bed is on the right, next to it is a spacious sitting area with a large couch opposite a desk and a large flatscreen TV.

The darker tones, wood, furniture and carpets give it a very cozy feel.

Step outside onto the wooden balcony and enjoy the view on the mountains and lake on the left. On the balcony are 2 deck chairs and a small table.


Watch our video above from 2:39 onwards to get a better understanding of how the room looks like.


The bathroom is just how we like it: with one sink and a spacious walkin shower.

The bath products provided were of a good quality and flagrant.

Fluffy thick and comfy bath towels as well.

The heated towel rack behind the door is a huge plus.

Other facilities

In the room is also an Illy coffee and tea corner with water boiler and 4 cups.

Coffee and tea was restocked each time we used it.

In the cupboard above the coffee machine is a large safe.

Underneath the desk is a fridge.

Wellness and spa area

On the ground floor level behind the restaurant is the Seespitz Seefeld wellness area.

You can find comfy bathrobes and slippers for this area in your room.

Here you can book and get treatments, use the gym or just enjoy a quiet afternoon and the view.

The largest lounge area is located around the indoor and outdoor pool.

The pools are connected by a glass window that opens easily. The water is nice and warm, about 33°C.


Both in and outside are lounge beds. Here swim wear is mandatory at all times, also in the saunas. This area also has a Finnish sauna of 90°C and a bio sauna of 55°C in the hallway.

Plenty of towels are provided on the spot, next to the shower and toilet area.

If you get thirsty and need to rehydrate after a sauna session, there is hot tea, flavoured water and fresh apples.

In the wellness area are two more quiet rooms with comfortable beds, and in the back is another quiet sauna area with a herbal steam bath, 2 saunas of 60°C and 90°C, infrared seats and a tea and water corner.

This area is adults only, no clothes are allowed in the saunas and steam bath.

We found the wellness area very comfortable and very clean.

Between 12pm and 4pm it was very calm here, other hotel guests would start to arrive in the early evening but we never had the feeling that it was crowded. Plenty of beds and loungers to relax on.

The indoor and outdoor pool is absolutely amazing, so nicely warm and relaxing.

And then that view.

We just loved it.

Watch our video above from 18:56 onwards to get a better understanding of how the wellness area looks like.


Breakfast at Seespitz Seefeld is served in the main restaurant.

You can pick any table you want.

It consists of a large breakfast buffet and an a la carte menu.

On the buffet: breads and pastries, yogurts, cheeses, charcuterie, spreads, fruits, cereal, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, sparkling wine, jams.

On the a la carte menu: scrambled and fried eggs and omelets made to order, crepes and a variety of coffees and teas.

As you sit down to enjoy your breakfast, that day’s dinner menu can be found on your table on a leaflet that provides extra information about the weather, interesting walks and things to do in the area, special spa and wellness offers etc.

A la carte orders would always get to our table very fast, as well as coffee and other drinks. The staff is extremely attentive and does everything with a big smile.

Special thanks to Alexandra for an excellent breakfast service!

Watch our video above from 15:33 onwards to see what breakfast looks like.


Hotel Seespitz Seefeld has a great lunch menu.

From a cold cuts platter, salads, soups, pastas, käsespätzle, goulash, burgers to schnitzels and excellent desserts. The Apfelstrudel is to die for.

Food is very good, copious and made with fresh ingredients.

Lunch is not included in our room rate, however half board hotel guests get a 15 euro credit per person for lunch or a snack until 17pm, drinks have to be paid separately.

Prices are reasonable though, for drinks as well.

Watch our video above from 8:45 onwards to see the full menu and prices.

Looking for a relaxing holiday in a modern style hotel with wellness, pool, friendly staff and excellent food? 4 star hotel Seespitz Seefeld is what you need!

There is a seating area in the lounge near the bar where your can enjoy a bite to eat. When the weather is good, lunch outside is fantastic.

The view on the mountains and the lake is absolutely fab.

Lunch is served from 12pm until 5pm, for hotel guests and as well as walk-ins.

We enjoyed the food, even if it was just a small bowl of soup. And again the staff was very fast to take your order and check in on you from time to time, always ready for a quick chat and a joke.

Watch our video above from 10:06 onwards to get a better understanding of how lunch looks like.


Dinner starts at 7pm and consists of a 5 course seasonal menu that changes daily.

The dinner menu can be found in the elevator and on your breakfast table each morning.

If you feel like having something else for dinner, you can also choose from the lunch menu free of charge. Just let the staff know in the morning and they will be glad to serve you something else instead.

A member of staff will show you to your table the first evening, this table will be your fixed dinner table for the rest of your stay.

Courses are: salads and antipasti, 2 soups, 3 main courses to choose from (meat, fish and vegetarian), dessert and cheese.

You can pick your own salads, antipasti, soup and cheeses from the restaurant self service dinner buffet.

The staff will take you order for main courses and dessert and bring them to your table.

Drinks during dinner are not included.

A bottle of water is 6 euros, a large beer 5 euros. The wines are not cheap, but of an excellent quality. Prices for a bottle are between 30 and 75 euros.

You can also get wines by the glass, 5 to 6 euros.

The food was delicious, fresh ingredients and produce, classic execution with a creative twist.

Portions were generous again, we were usually stuffed after our main courses.

Which doesn’t mean that we hadn’t room left for dessert.

Desserts were amazing as well.

Plenty of choice at the dinner buffet as well: fresh salad bar, raw or steamed vegetables, breads, cheeses, antipasti such as grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers and mushrooms, cheese quiche, couscous salad, seafood salad. We would always find something to start our dinner with.

The cheeseboard was amazing.

What a variety of (mainly Austrian) cheeses, a delight.

Special thanks to Valeri our main waiter and Sabrina for being attentive and fast during dinner service.

Watch our video above from 11:04 onwards to get a better understanding of how dinner looks like.


Wifi reception was good everywhere in hotel Seespitz Seefeld, however it was a bit weak in the quieter adults only sauna area in the back of the hotel.

Would we go back to hotel Seespitz Seefeld?

Yes, and we have!

Both times we stayed 7 nights and could have easily stayed a couple of nights more.

Thanks to the amazing staff for making our stay great: especially deputy director Matthias, receptionist Daniel, and waiting staff Valeri, Juliane, Sabrina, Ani and Alexandra.

And many more!

Would we recommend hotel Seespitz Seefeld?


Excellent quality vs price ratio.

Seespitz Seefeld calls itself a 4 star superior hotel and it definitely deserves it.

You can book hotel Seespitz Seefeld with your eyes closed, you will love it!


  • location
  • very friendly and professional staff
  • excellent food
  • comfortable cozy rooms
  • connected indoor and outdoor pool
  • great wellness area
  • modern design


  • nothing really!


Seespitz Seefeld
Innsbrucker Strasse 1
6100 Seefeld in Tirol

You can book here: Seespitz Seefeld

We paid for our stay at hotel Seespitz Seefeld and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.

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Beautiful. My mother is from Austria. One of my favorite places is Velden am Worthersee in Carinthia. Look up the Schloss Hotel; gorgeous on a war lake in southern Austria.

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