Where to find the best breakfast in Antwerp: here’s what we think!

Breakfast in Antwerp

Lazy mornings.

Nothing planned.

And that includes making breakfast.

So let’s go out and see where we can get a good breakfast in Antwerp, a proper bite and a cup of coffee!

These places don’t necessarily serve breakfast or brunch only. It could be any place that is open before noon for a bite to eat.

We decided to stick to not just one type of breakfast in Antwerp.

It could mean anything from a continental breakfast, English fry up, bagel, breakfast sub or a simple croissant with butter and marmalade.

Just what we fancy eating for breakfast in Antwerp that very day.

We will gradually add more names to this list as we go along.

The order in which we visited the places on this list is totally random.

Our reviews are personal and honest. We didn’t get or ask anything in return for any of them.

Have you been to one or more places that we mention below?

Do you agree with our review?

Would you recommend a place for breakfast in Antwerp you think we should definitely go to?

Let us know in the comment box at the end of this page!


Grand Cafe Horta

Score: 9/10

What we ordered

  • 2 x continental breakfast (2 x €14)

What it says on the menu

  • 1 cup of coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, bread basket (2 bread rolls + 1 croissant), sunny side up or scrambled eggs, yogurt with granola and fruit, butter and marmalade, cheese, bacon

How was it?

This is a delicious and filling breakfast!

The coffee is of excellent quality, strong and hot. And it comes with the classic Antwerp hand biscuit on the side.

The bacon is deliciously crunchy and crisp. The sunny side up cooked perfectly. The rest of the breakfast is of excellent quality, we can’t fault it. We love the Isigny butter and the Bonne Maman strawberry marmalade that comes with the breakfast as well.

The croissant is yummy and the 2 extra bread rolls are more than enough.

The only negative point we can think of is that it sometimes takes a while for breakfast to arrive at the table, and by then your complimentary cup of coffee or tea is already empty.

Would we come back here?

Yes, definitely!

A great place for breakfast in Antwerp!

Address: Grand Cafe Horta, Hopland 2, 2000 Antwerp


Score: 2/10

What we ordered

  • 2 x coffee (2 x €2,50)
  • 1 salmon bagel (€10,95)
  • 1 pastrami bagel (€10,95)

What it says on the menu

  • sesame bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, arugula and Japanese dressing
  • plain bagel with cream cheese, pastrami, mustard, gherkins, red onion and arugula
  • the bagels come with a side of your choice: quinoa salad, lentil salad or soup

How was it?

The plates look nice and appetising.

However once we dig in, we are quite disappointed.

The bagels (both plain, no sesame) are sweet, chewy and tasteless. The smoked salmon is just OK, however the pastrami has no flavor and is also overpowered by the strong mustard. It all tastes a bit cheap.

The salad served alongside the bagels consist of mixed lettuce leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes and white cubes we think might be daikon. No dressing or seasoning at all.

Same goes for the lentil salad: no dressing or seasoning. The lentils are still a little raw, definitely undercooked. The tomato soup is of the industrial kind but at least it tastes fine and is seasoned properly.

The coffee was watery and not very warm.

Would we come back here?


Address: Wasbar, Graaf van Egmontstraat 5, 2000 Antwerp

Le Pain Quotidien

Score: 9/10

What we ordered

  • 2 x small american coffee (2 x €2,95)
  • 1 pain perdu (€8)
  • 1 soft boiled egg with bread (€4)

What it says on the menu

  • pain perdu from our brioche, served with seasonal fruits and clotted cream
  • soft boiled egg, served with organic breads

How was it?

The egg is perfectly boiled, runny and delicious.

It comes with 2 types of bread: a couple of thick fresh bread soldiers, and a baguette slice. Also on the plate: butter and marmalade. A generous portion all in all!

The pain perdu also looks like a copious meal.

The brioche bun is baked and warm. And so are the sugar coated apple slices that are served alongside of it.

A dollop of clotted cream on top, a sprinkle of blueberries.


Coffee is served in a bowl, and always comes with a little chocolate square attached to your spoon.

We gave this breakfast in Antwerp a 9/10 score because the coffee isn’t the greatest, a bit watery at times. We like our coffee much stronger. Perhaps ordering an espresso next time isn’t a bad idea.

Would we come back here?

Yes, absolutely.

A great place for breakfast in Antwerp!

Address: Le Pain Quotidien, Graanmarkt 6, 2000 Antwerp


Score: 10/10

What we ordered

  • 1 boule de Berlin (€3,50)
  • 2 x coffee (2 x €2,95)

How was it?

A boule de Berlin is a fried and stuffed Berlin beignet donut.

It is a popular treat here and we love it but this is the first time we see it on a menu! The lady says that it is available all day long, people even order it for dessert.

We love it for breakfast in Antwerp.

And this boule de Berlin is delicious.

The fried beignet has a nice texture, not too light or too heavy. It is bouncy and is easy to cut up.

The patisserie crème on the inside is perfect as well, nice flavor and deliciously creamy.


Coffee is strong and hot. With it comes a small Jules Destrooper butter biscuit.

What more could we wish for?

Would we come back here?

Yes definitely.

A great place for breakfast in Antwerp!

Address: Berlin, Kleine Markt 1, 2000 Antwerp


Score: 10/10

What we ordered

  • 2 croissants (2 x €2,50)
  • 2 coffees (2 x €2,90)

How was it?

Excellent crunchy croissant, light and flavorful.

It comes with butter and strawberry jam, which is a nice touch.

We love coming to Hopper’s in the morning. On a lazy sunny day the terrace in front is always bathing in sunlight. A great place for breakfast in Antwerpen to drink coffee and watch cars drive past.

Highly enjoyable.

Address: Hopper, Leopold de Waelstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp


Score: 6/10

What we ordered

  • 1 croissant (€2,50)
  • 2 coffees (2 x €2,90)

How was it?

The croissant was a real let down.

It looked robust and heavy, and so was the texture.

Very heavy and chewy dough, nothing airy or refined about it. The crust was rock hard, very overbaked.

No, we really didn’t like it.

The coffee was good and strong though, and the cubes of bread pudding served alongside of it were very tasty.

Nives is open for brunch, lunch and breakfast in Antwerp. You can also just pop in to buy breads, pastry and pies to take away.

Address: Nives, Harmoniestraat 25b, 2018 Antwerp

The Soul

Score: 9/10

What we ordered

  • 2 x breakfast (2 x €19,50)

How was it?

The full breakfast contains 1 croissant, 2 grilled toast, a bun, sliced cheese and cooked ham, a soft-boiled egg, sliced pear, apple and pineapple, 1 yogurt, butter, Nutella, jam, pear molasses, freshly squeezed orange juice, and 1 cup of coffee.

Classic Belgian breakfast, perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg and crunchy grilled bread to dip. Croissant was OK, not excellent. Good coffee. Generous portion as well we had heard before, so we turned this breakfast in a copious brunch.

The Soul is a tiny coffee, breakfast and brunch place near the KMSKA museum that is open from 8:30am until 2pm. Very friendly staff and service. Cozy, funky and noisy place. Large outdoor terrace as well, perfect for people watching.

An excellent place for breakfast in Antwerp!

Address: The Soul, Marnixplaats 15, 2000 Antwerp

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