Best Asian restaurants in Antwerp, Belgium – here are our favorites!

Antwerp's restaurant scene is buzzing. So where to go if you want to enjoy a good Asian meal? Here are our favorite Asian restaurants in Antwerp!

In Antwerp and looking for good Asian food around this town?


But what are some of the best Asian restaurants in Antwerp?

If you ask us, these places below are worth a visit.

We will be updating this article regularly and add more addresses.

Do you recommend other Asian restaurants in Antwerp that are not on this list?

Let us know in a comment below and we will go check it out!

We paid for our meals in our favorite Asian restaurants in Antwerp and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.

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Best Asian restaurants in Antwerp, Belgium

1. Win’s

Cuisine: Chinese

Price range: €€

Tucked away in a quiet corner in Antwerp South is Asian restaurant Win’s.

On the menu are Hong Kong style dishes and treats.

Jovial owner Sue takes care of the front of house, her husband stands behind the pans in the spotlessly clean kitchen.

The food here at Win’s is a-mazing, it’s like eating in Hong Kong’s best restaurants!

One of our favorite Asian restaurants in Antwerp?

Our favorite – period, highly recommendable!

Why we love it:

  • super fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • authentic flavors
  • copious portions
  • interesting and reasonably priced wine list
  • excellent service and lovely owners!

The dishes we recommend: shrimp cakes (€7,50), mussels in black bean sauce (€14), babi pangang (€17), chicken in soy sauce (€17), salt and pepper squid (€17)

Address: Win’s, Lambermontplaats 25, 2000 Antwerp

2. Nuoc Mam

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Price range: €€

The Volksstraat is a busy restaurant street in Antwerp South.

Both sides of this street are lined with numerous (excellent) restaurants and eateries.

Nuoc Mam is a humble place that serves down to earth Vietnamese street food classics.

The menu isn’t large and we like that.

Comfort food, a good bite to eat.

We love it here for a light lunch or a Vietnamese sharing dinner with friends and family.

No nonsense, and comforting. Yum.

Why we love it:

  • no frills Vietnamese street food
  • fresh and bright flavors
  • large portions
  • delicious homemade iced tea (€4,50) and fresh coconut (€7)

The dishes we recommend: pork belly bun noodle bowl (€16,50), pork belly and rice (€17,50), banh xeo (€13,50), fresh spring rolls with grilled duck (€8,75), pho (€19,50), fried spring rolls (€8)

Address: Nuoc Mam, Volkstraat 72G, 2000 Antwerp

3. Ni Shifu

Cuisine: Szechuan

Price range:

Ni Shifu is located near Antwerp Central Station.

The restaurant doesn’t look appealing and neither does the interior.

The inside looks more like a cluttery canteen with a tiny kitchen in the back. The service is a bit stiff and not very warm. However don’t let that keep you from walking in.

The Szechuan food here is delicious, and quite cheap.

Why we love it:

  • simple and good Szechuan classics
  • excellent spicy noodles!
  • low prices
  • comfort food

The dishes we recommend: noodles with spicy beef mince (€8,50), spicy pig ear salad (€6,50), pork and pickled mustard greens soup (€3,60), stir fried chicken and chili (€14,50)

Address: Ni Shifu, Breydelstraat 8, 2018 Antwerp

4. I Ro Ha

Cuisine: Japanese

Price range: €€

Our niece Els told us about this place.

The parents of a co worker of hers owned a Japanese restaurant in Antwerp so we thought we would go check it out.

I Ro Ha is located near the Grand Place in a very quiet street, more or less opposite a popular Antwerp restaurant called InVincible. The facade looks like a typical Japanese izakaya. But it is so small that you would walk past it without noticing.

The owners are very polite and gentle.

The lady owner is very happy to explain the dishes, take your order and serve you in the restaurant. Her husband takes care of the kitchen.

On the menu exquisitely simple Japanese dishes just like we tasted in Japan. Also on the menu: sushi for those who want to stick to what they know.

A must!

Why we love it:

  • savory Japanese classics
  • fresh ingredients
  • authentic flavors
  • very polite owners

The dishes we recommend: nasudenkgaku baked eggplant with miso (€9), takoyaki (€7), mackerel in miso (€20), tonkatsu (€16), green tea and sesame ice cream (€7)

Address: I Ro Ha, Haarstraat 8, 2000 Antwerp

5. Bún

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Price range: €€€

Prices are quite elevated, but the portions are copious.

Bún is well known in Antwerp, and people are raving about the food here.

Reservation is definitely needed.

Why we love it:

  • flavors explosions
  • fresh ingredients
  • fantastic bo la lot
  • delicious noodles

The dishes we recommend: bbq Obsiblue shrimp with homemade rice noodles and fresh herbs (€27,00), bo la lot skewers and Galloway steak with la lot vinaigrette, banh hoi noodles and black fungus salad (€33,00)

Address: Bún, Volkstraat 43, 2000 Antwerp

6. Camino

Cuisine: Asian fusion

Price range: €€

We haphazardly stopped here for dinner one warm summer evening without reservation.

One table was still available for exactly one hour before the other guests would turn up. And we took it.

Delicious sharing plates, creative menu – we loved it.

The only thing we are not very fond of here is the organic wines. Quite expensive but as often nothing special really. That is why we stick to the ginger beer!

We are not alone to find Camino one of the best asian restaurants in Antwerp, this place is very popular and always packed. Reservation is highly recommended!

Why we love it:

  • interesting flavor combinations
  • very creative out of the box dishes
  • excellent products and ingredients
  • fast kitchen

The dishes we recommend: smoked eggplant with ponzu and sesame (€9,50), mussels and red yuzu cosh (€11,50), Szechuan dan dan noodles (€12,50), roasted corn with gochujang butter and grated ricotta (€7,50)

Address: Camino, Muntstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen

7. Kartini

Cuisine: Indonesian

Price range: €€

Kartini is a restaurant that has been here for at least 15 years.

It is a tiny place near the Groenplaats at the beginning of a more touristic restaurant street that leads all the way up to the city hall and Grand Place.

Kartini serves a la carte Indonesian classics, but this place is specifically known for making one hell of an Indonesian rice table.

Fish, meat or veggie: you decide. Prices are very reasonable for the portion you get. Depending on what type of rice table you order, you can expect €26 to €31 euros per person.

We went to Kartini for a rice table last year and loved it.

Why we love it:

  • absolutely delicious rice table
  • amazing flavors
  • fresh ingredients
  • very large portions
  • great sharing meal with family and friends

The dishes we recommend: rice table (€26 to €31 pp)

Address: Kartini, Oude Koornmarkt 61, 2000 Antwerp

We paid for our meals in our favorite Asian restaurants in Antwerp and didn’t get or ask anything in return for this review.

Do you recommend other Asian restaurants in Antwerp that are not on this list?

Let us know in a comment below and we will go check it out!

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