5 easy recipes for black garlic

What to do with black garlic? Good question. We put together these 5 easy recipes for black garlic to give you some extra inspiration!

You may have come across black garlic in a delicatessen or in the better supermarket.

But what is it right and what do you do with it?

Do you know a couple of recipes for black garlic?

Black garlic is basically candied garlic that is kept at a constant temperature for about a month. If you regularly roast a ball of garlic in a hot oven, you know that the garlic will become very soft and slightly sweet. With black garlic, the temperature is a lot lower and it just takes much longer.

Eventually you will get a slow cooked and candied look.

Recipes for black garlic

We decided to assemble 5 easy recipes for black garlic right here.

All these recipes for black garlic come from fellow bloggers. We added their pictures to make your mouth water even more and also made sure to include enough backlinks to their blogs.

All credits go to the bloggers!

Contact us if you want your recipe and picture to be removed from this post and we will do that asap.

1. Black Garlic Mayonnaise

Crush some cloves of black garlic into a sticky paste and mix it well with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise.

If you want to give this sweet mayonnaise a slightly stronger garlic flavor like in a classic aioli, add a slice of fresh garlic to the crushed black garlic.

Delicious with fries and roasted potatoes, as a dipping sauce for raw vegetables and on a homemade burger!

2. Black Garlic Compound Butter

Same method here: crush the black garlic and mix it well with soft (salted) butter.

Rub an entire chicken with it before roasting it off in the oven.

Or add it to mashed potatoes or a lush mushroom risotto.

You can make a nice log of the butter and let it set in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then cut it into slices and place them on a juicy steak or lamb chops. You can also add the butter to the warm frying pan just at the end, let it melt for a second and drizzle the black garlic butter sauce onto the meat.

This butter is also delicious on a piece of crusty bread!

3. Raw

Cut the black garlic into very thin slices and use it to brighten up a salad, beef carpaccio or cheese plate.

Don’t worry, you won’t have any unpleasant garlic breath.

Black garlic is not at all as strong as fresh raw garlic.

You can also add raw black garlic to your blender when you make a hummus or yogurt dressing!

4. Black garlic pasta and noodles

The sweeter taste of black garlic goes well with cheese.

That is why it goes perfectly with pastas with cheese sauce, such as a classic cacio e pepe.

Finely chop the black garlic and add it to the al dente pasta just at the end when you mix in the grated parmesan and freshly ground.

Speaking of pasta, add slices of black garlic to spaghetti aglio i olio, another popular pasta dish.

5. Black Garlic Soup

And last but not least, soups!

Due to its sweet taste, black garlic is a great match for vegetables such as mushrooms, parsnips, onions and pumpkin.

If you make a delicious winter vegetable soup, add a few cloves of black garlic just before blending the soup.

How about you?

Do you have other recipes for black garlic?

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